Friday, December 3, 2010

Another Great Deal!!

I don't know what it is:  Maybe it's that the holiday season is upon us and I'm spending more than ever (and trying to save more than ever!) or maybe it's just because I like a good deal. Who knows?!  The fact is that I saved a lot of $$ at the grocery store today - all thanks to coupons & specials (and even freebies)!  Check it out.  This is what I bought all for $50!!! 
Click on picture for larger view

Yep, that's right.  $50 bucks!  $100 worth of groceries for half the price! Even all of the fruit in the basket!  Some of these things I don't normally buy at the grocery store like bakery cookies, hamburger helper, bleach, saran wrap, hand soap and store-brand pretzels but they were either FREE or I paid practically nothing for them.  I am a big fan of Sprouts & Trader Joes for certain items (produce, meats).  Shout out to Dean because he's a big fan of White Castle burgers and if I happen to go to the grocery and NOT pick up a box, then it's all over for me. ;)

Preferred Savings: $33.85
MFG Coupon Savings: $6.40
Store Coupon Savings: $4.49
Total Savings: $44.74
Total bill: $50.25

Happy Savings Holidays!

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